Social Media

Social Media Marketing is on the rise

The key to a successful marketing campaign is reaching your targeted audience quickly and efficiently. This is true with all marketing strategies and Social Media is no exception. Social Media Marketing has a broad appeal because it can expand your reach quickly. This is where people are if you want to reach them. In the last few years it has progressed from every business needs a Facebook page to now managing your marketing campaigns in a digital friendly format. Take the test for yourself, the next time you are out in public and wherever you see people are waiting in line for something you will notice them checking their cell phone for the latest news-feed update. This is a major shift from even just a couple of years ago and it’s only going to increase.

Depending on your business model, Social Media Marketing could be a valuable tool when it comes to attracting new customers and hanging on to existing ones.  Facebook reports that they have 1.1 billion users worldwide and 195 million users in the US & Canada. That’s up 23% annually and the trend continues.

Will Social Media Marketing work for my business?

Ask yourself these questions about your business and who your target audience.

  • Does my business sell direct to the end user/customer?
  • Does my business sell to residential based customers?
  • Is your product or service something the masses on social media could benefit from?
  • Does your business offer generous discounts to attract new customers?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions then you should plan on adding Social Media Marketing to your mix of outreach for your business.

Goldmine Dezine has helped businesses just like yours increase their customer base and we start by working with you to develop a campaign strategy and who your target audience might be. This would include demographics like the geographical area, age group, important dates, gender, hobbies and so on. Next we create the graphics for the ad with copy for approval with the provider.  One of the most important features we bring to the table is the user interface experience. Since we know that over 60% of people view everything through their mobile device we deliver a mobile optimized experience for ease of use to prevent user drop off. Once we have these core elements in place you’re ready to set a daily budget and launch the campaign. This is a great way to pull in a steady stream of new potential customers.