Innovation and Marketing is the key!

The late Peter Drucker stated that “Innovation and Marketing” is the key to success in business.

Innovation is defined as finding a better way. The marketing strategies that work for your business may be different from the business next door. What technology and innovation can help your business grow? What value can you bring to others to earn their business?

The process of how you find and keep new customers is more difficult than in the past. As an innovative business marketing resource, we add value by providing cutting edge tools to build and maintain a responsive website, develop a mobile app, expand into online and video marketing. Create and Print marketing collateral. A high quality printed marketing piece or useful promotional item makes for a great leave behind.
We can help you develop marketing strategies customized for your business model to get the best possible results for your investment.

Customer Spotlight

Events With Cars

Solution provided: Mobile friendly sign up form.
A new start company that is building a community for car enthusiasts needs a way to quickly capture leads at shows.

How We Help…
Carrying around a notebook just wasn’t going to cut it for gathering potential new customer leads so we built a mobile app to make it easy to enter the data quickly while they are at the car event shows.  As soon as the form is completed, the data is automatically sent to the cloud database. The customer support team based in another city or state can now follow up and provide the requested information the same day.

Event Show App

Sign up screen

Customer Spotlight

Lofgren Heating and Air

Solution provided: Mobile app for on-site evaluations.
Meet sales rep Neil Chell with Lofgren Heating & Air. His typical day includes several in home estimates for residential HVAC equipment replacement. Like any good sales person, Neil likes to gather as much information as possible ahead of time to communicate with his install team and send them photos of the currently installed equipment at the customers location. This helps eliminate potential setbacks at the time of new product installs. As you can imagine this became an unorganized disaster in the camera library by not knowing which photo was associated to the correct customer address at the end of the day when it came time to complete the estimate process. It was time to streamline the process.

How We Help…
When Neil came to us with his dilemma we worked on a mobile app solution with him that would provide an input screen to collect the customer contact address information with a date/time stamp of the visit. Capture the photo’s and provide a text box to add comments about the photo. This allows his installer to see the photo with a brief description of the equipment and work space. The app allows for multiple photos and text input boxes. After all the completion of photos, the user click the send button and the entire collection is made into a pdf report and is automatically sent to anyone in the team that needs to be in the loop.

Customer Spotlight

Classy Styles On-Site Wedding Hair

Solution provided: Mobile friendly sign up form.
Meet owner April Scapin with Classy Styles on-site Wedding Hair & Makeup. April and her team provide professional on-site hair and makeup services to destination wedding parties in southwest Florida.

How We Help…
When April started her business five years ago sending contracts via mail was the norm. It could easily take two weeks to receive the completed and signed contract back in the mail. Today her business has taken off and the mail just doesn’t cut it. We streamlined to entire sign up process to take just minutes with our mobile form solution. As soon as the form is completed it is automatically emailed to April in a pdf format.

Mobile Friendly Form

Customer signs up for service

Schedule Service Date

Date Calendar Feature

Add Wedding Party Group info

Select how many people in party

About Goldmine Dezine

Business Friendly

Business have to be more creative and work harder to expand their business and many are looking for the next step.  Short and sweet, our mission is to help you grow your business.  Technology changes are coming at you quicker than ever. The process of how you find and keep new customers is more difficult than in the past. As a small business marketing resource, Goldmine Dezine specializes in helping you build or modernize your website, design a new mobile friendly site, start a blog, rank higher with SEO, expand into email and video marketing. And let’s not forget about your printed marketing collateral. Believe it or not, people still like receiving something with your information on it.
We’ll develop marketing strategies customized for your business model to get the best possible results for your investment.

When we meet with small business owners, we often discuss 4 vital topics of their business strategy: what is their uniqueness, how are they getting the word out, where are they looking for customers and are they getting too many tire kickers. Too many small businesses don’t consider how these fundamental points are hurting their brand and missing out on sales. Sometimes your marketing plan just needs a tweak and sometimes it’s time to reinvent your entire strategy. Established in 2001, Goldmine Dezine provides strategy and targeted solutions for on-line and off-line business models.

1) Uniqueness…

Finding your uniqueness can be a challenge. You know it’s there, but digging it out is the hard part. Identifying your uniqueness and building your brand around it is the first step toward future growth.

2) Getting the word out…

With the endless supply of technology available, there are hundreds of ways to spend your time and marketing budget to promote your business. It is vital to allocate a monthly marketing budget, but not all roads lead to a return on investment. Advertising strategies that worked a couple of years ago may not apply today so it’s important to get help when making a change.

3) Looking for customers in the right places…

Targeting everyone is an oxymoron. By narrowing your target audience you can intensify your brands appeal. You’re better off being the top choice for 10% vs. one of ten options for everyone.

4) Are you getting too many tire kickers…

A tire kicker is a prospect that is looking for someone like you to fix a problem. If you havn’t addressed their problem and objections, chances are they will start looking elsewhere.


Graphic Design

Give Your Brand A New Look!

Creative Graphic Design is an important element for every growing business! It’s the starting point of how you want people to remember your company and you shouldn’t underestimate the impact professional branding will provide. Goldmine Dezine provides creative graphic design services, advertising and marketing services that get our customers noticed. Your business is unique and as a full service provider of graphic design services, we combine our creative talents, the latest software and experience to deliver the highest quality graphic elements.  We can quickly turn your graphic design into eye popping web or print marketing pieces. Contact Goldmine Dezine today and speak to our experienced graphic design team and start getting your business noticed today.

Quality printing done right!

Digital Printing Services

Print continues to have a place in the marketing mix – because it works. Four-fifths (79%) of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. Print marketing has become more targeted which is why marketers prefer our digital printing services.

Our digital print and graphic design capabilities ensures that physical marketing materials can be produced, delivered and in use within days. In some cases the same day. When we opened our doors in 2001 our competition said we were crazy to invest in digital printing technology, but we did our homework and found out that your marketing needs will be changing at a much quicker pace than in the past. Gone are the days when you could print a two year supply of any given marketing piece and hope it won’t change before you throw it into the recycle bin. Since then we’ve provided hundreds of happy clients with quick around, high quality professionally printed marketing collateral’s such as business cards, post cards, brochures, booklets, posters and many other personalized marketing assets to help meet deadlines.

Contact us today for a free quote.


digital printing services by Goldmine Dezine

Five Important Keys To Modern Website Design

Beautiful Design
We craft every website unique to your business. Using modern design, your website will stand out for years to come.
Designed for function, your visitors will be driven into customers. We build all types of websites including eCommerce sites.

Responsive Website Design (Mobile Ready)
Our websites are designed responsive, mobile-friendly, and ready to be viewed beautifully on any device.
Did you know that recently Google updated their search algorithm to NO LONGER SHOW sites in their results that aren’t mobile friendly when searched on a mobile device?
Yep, how many people aren’t finding you online? Currently over 60% of people use a mobile device to search the web.
We go the extra mile to code, test, and execute your site to be mobile ready.

SEO ready
Your website will be created with best local SEO methods in mind.
We submit to the top search engines, design for keyword specific content, and more.

Speed Optimized
We build with speed in mind, which improves SEO and the visitor experience.
The result is a lightning fast site that helps drive traffic and customers.

Hosting and Support
We provide Premium WordPress hosting, CDN Access, Caching, SSL, and more.

Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is one that can properly scale and size to fit any device it is viewed on.


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